Twinsie Tuesday: "Gifted" Polish (Color Club Eternal Beauty Nail Polish)

Hello there!  Today's Twinsie Tuesday theme is "Gifted Polish"- no, that does not mean a polish that has special abilities ;-) We're referring to a polish we received as a gift from someone else. What a perfect time to wear Color Club's Eternal Beauty, that was given to me by my pal Kelly from Tuxarina!

Oh, and super sad side note: I broke 2 nails and was forced to chop the rest down to match. I'm hoping that the holographic gorgeousness of Eternal Beauty will distract you a bit from my sad, stumpy nails:

(2 layers of polish shown):

I love this one Kelly!! <3

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  1. Eternal beauty is amazing! I love the colour and that line has such a great formula. I adore your short nails btw.

  2. Color Club seriously has the best holos! This is gorgeous!

  3. Color Club can really make some great holos! Very pretty and your nails look great at this length!

  4. I love the Color Club holos! This looks great on you!

  5. One of my favorite Halo Hues! Looks gorgeous on you!!!!

  6. Ooh it's pretty!

  7. This polish is beautiful! (sorry about the break!)

  8. This polish is such a beauty!! It looks so good on you.

  9. I just gifted this polish to my best friend, who is going thru a very stressful time. I gave her a mani of it and she loves it. This polish is special to both her and me, so gorgeous.