~NEW~ More KBShimmer Summer Nail Polish!

Press Sample

Hello there!  I'm back today with some more summer loveliness from KBShimmer!  Feast your eyes on all the glittery, sparkly, holo-y, creamy, squishy-ness:

Radiant Orchid 
a beautiful light purple cream, this one is slightly more cool toned in 'real life' as opposed to how it photographed for me here. The perfect way to rock the "Color Of The Year"!) 
2 layers shown here:

 Scribble Me This
 (worn over Radiant Orchid here)- clear base with neon and black stars, triangles, hexes, and circles! 
(2 layers worn here):

Peak My Interest
 a watermelon/coral cream/jelly polish with triangles, hexes and circles in shades of white, aqua and periwinkle!
 (3 layers shown here):

Mixed Peelings
 a white 'crelly' base with fruity colored glitters mixed in 
(3 layers shown here):

Mint-al Vacation
a minty green shimmery polish that flashes with a holo rainbow in the sun! 
(2 layers shown here):

KBShimmer is also now selling vinyl nail decals you can use to create some super fun looks. They are super easy to use (the hardest part is waiting for your base color to completely dry!). I used Mint-al Vacation as a base, and then the 'V' shaped vinyls to create the designs on my pointer and ring finger. That amazing glitter I used is another new polish, Happily Ever Aster (clear base with blue, purple, & white glitters):

I always look forward to KBShimmer's releases, and this collection is another 'win' for me (see these, plus the rest of the collection on their website: www.kbshimmer.com )!  You can also check out my swatches of their "early" summer collection here!

What do you think of these polishes? Which one was your favorite?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I absolutely adore everything about KBShimmer! I love the nail art look! Great job!

    1. thanks Tiffany! They are seriously one of my favorite brands! I cannot get enough :)