NEW! Zoya Tickled & Bubbly Collections For Summer! (Nail Polish Pictures & Review)

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If you are in need of some bright fun colors for your mani & pedi this Summer, you need to check out Zoya's latest releases- meet the "Tickled" collection (6 fabulous creams) and "Bubbly" (6 sparkling beauties):

First up, here's the "Tickled" collection:

Tilda- warm green cream (2 layers of polish shown here):

Ling- royal blue cream (2 layers):

Kitridge- bubblegum pink cream (2 layers):

Wendy- melon cream (2 layers)...**LOVE this one!***:

Rooney- magenta pink cream (2 layers):

Rocha- warm orange toned red cream (2 layers):

And now, onward to the "Bubbly" collection!

Alma- golden peach sparkle (3 layers shown here) this one reminds me of sparkling orange juice!

Jesy- coral orange sparkle (3 layers shown):

Harper- pink w/ gold sparkles (3 layers):

Binx- orchid purple sparkle (3 layers):

Stassi- green gold sparkle (3 layers):

Muse- blue raspberry sparkle (3 layers):

And here is a quick look I did using Kitridge as my base color and Harper on my tips:

The creams in this collection had perfect coverage with just 2 layers of polish and the glitters were nearly opaque in 3 layers (some more so than others). These can be purchased from www.zoya.com!

Will you be trying any of these out??

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Oh my gosh, so juicy and colorful!!! My faves are Wendy and Binx :) Beautiful swatches babe!

  2. I love how brightly pigmented these are! Great colours, and the glitters are adorable. Also your French kinda blew my mind. So simple, but so awesome! :D

  3. So many beauties!! Love them all! :D