NEW! KBShimmer Summer 2015 Collection (Nail Polish Pictures & Review)

Don't you just have certain brands that you love? Like, anything they put out, you *know* you are going to enjoy most, if not all, of it?  That's KBShimmer for me. I couldn't wait to see their Summer collection, and it didn't disappoint.  I have 9 from the collection to show you today!

Bahama Drama
faded neon coral
2 layers shown

Alloy Matey
(one layer shown over Bahama Drama)
Fine silver holographic shimmer

Rum Me The Right Way
bright, neon yellow
(3 layers shown)

Sarong Place, Sarong Time
faded purple neon cream
(2 layers shown)

Shell Shock
a peachy tan jelly base with copper, gold and magenta glitter
(3 layers shown)

What Are You Wading For?
deep periwinkle holographic polish. SO DAMN PRETTY!
(2 layers shown)

Look On The Nightside
Flaky polish that flashes green to violet to blue (!!!)
(3 layers shown here)

You can definitely layer these flaky polishes as well...this is what one layer looks like:

Take The Punny And Run
Flaky polish that flashes fushia, green, gold and copper!
(3 layers)

Pros And Bronze
Gold/bronze/orange flaky polish
(3 layers shown)

These gorgeous shades can be purchased from KBShimmer's website here!  Which ones are your 'must haves'?

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Press Sample


NEW OPI Soft Shades Collection For 2015 (Nail Polish Pictures & Review)

Press Sample

Hi friends! Each year, OPI releases it's "Soft Shades" collection and it is always one I look forward to. Say what you want about nudes and neutrals, but they are my absolute favs!  They have a fun glitter in this year's collection as well!  Check them out:

Put It In Neutral
A sheer mauve-rose shade. This is 4 (yes, 4) layers of polish. 

Petal Soft
A clear base with pink and white matte glitters in different sizes, including some fun flower shaped ones! (1 layer shown here over Put It In Neutral). This glitter was easy to apply with no "fishing" needed- the pieces come out easily and lay flat.

Act Your Beige
A sheer, white-leaning beige. (3 layers shown)

Chiffon My Mind
A white base with a touch of pink with a pretty purple/pink shimmer flash running through it.
 (3 layers shown)

This Silver's Mine
Metallic, warm silver with a slight pink undertone. Warning- if your nails have imperfections like mine do, you may want to use a smoothing base coat first. This definitely shows your flaws. Pretty color still! (3 layers shown)

Make Light Of The Situation
A sheer sparkly, glittery, magical polish that is perfect for layering. 
(Shown here over This Silver's Mine)

And here is what Make Light Of The Situation looks like on it's own (2 layers):

Conclusion: I'm not always a fan of colors that require more than 2 layers, but there are some beauties in this bunch still. I definitely love Petal Soft and want to try layering it over other colors!

What do you think of these?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Thanks so much for stopping by!