KBShimmer WInter 2015 Collection! NEW! (Nail Polish Pictures & Review)

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Well hello there!  It's only been a million years since my last post :/  I'm back today though, and I've brought pictures of the new KBShimmer Winter collection! (Well, this is 6 of the 14 polishes in the set). Take a closer look:

Fleece Navidad
Soft, light grey with holographic shimmer
(2 layers shown)

Smoke Signal 
Light grey 'crelly' with red, orange, & aqua glitter 
(1 layer shown over 'Fleece Navidad')

For Fox Sake
Dusty orange cream
(2 layers)

Chilly Pepper
Red cream
(2 layers)

Coal In One
Charcoal grey with holographic shimmer
(2 layers)

Claws & Effect
Dark purple/navy with holographic shimmer
(2 layers)

Kind Of A Big Dill
Forest green jelly polish with silver glitter
(3 layers)

Final Thoughts: You need all of the holo's. Seriously, they are SO gorgeous and have a perfect consistency- not too thin or thick. All of these, plus the remaining colors can be purchased from KBShimmer's website here!

Which ones are calling your name?


  1. So happy you are back! Gorgeous collection, I am loving Claws and Effect!!

  2. It's a great collection. I'm looking for something new and special and your blog is very helpful.

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