NEW! Zoya Urban Grunge Collection For Fall/Winter 2016 (Part 1- One Coat Creams) Nail Polish Pics & Review

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Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!  I'm back (finally) from a little 6 month hiatus and I have SO much nail stuff to share. Like, seriously- I'm bursting at the seams with polish that I've been dying to show you. I'm starting off with Zoya's newest offering, the "Urban Grunge" collection!  This collection has 2 different sets, holographic shimmers and the one coat creams, which I'm starting with here! Check out the autumn-y goodness that is Urban Grunge:

I mean.....how gorgeous is this blue??!

The details:  All of these, with the exception of "Courtney", truly were "One Coat Creams". I did use 2 coats for these photos, but that's just because I like smoothing out my cuticle line with the second layer of polish (and since finding a true one coat nail polish is pretty much like finding a unicorn, old habits die hard!). These really are opaque and smooth. Courtney is still pretty full coverage, but I found it a smidge thinner than the other 5 colors (could be just my bottle, so be sure to check out some other reviews!).

Final thoughts: Do you need these? YES!  The Urban Grunge collection can be purchased at www.zoya.com

Thank you so much for stopping by, and stay tuned to see the sparkly half of this collection soon!

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