OPI Breakfast At Tiffany's Collection For Holiday 2016! (Nail Polish Swatches & Review)

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Friends!! Here we are, officially in full Holiday swing and I have OPI's "Breakfast At Tiffany's" collection to share today! Let's jump right in...this collection has 12 regular polishes and 6 of OPI's "Infinite Shine" formulas as well. We'll start with the regular ones first:

Breakfast At Tiffany's: a soft baby pink with flecks of shimmer
 Layers shown: 3

 I Believe In Manicures: as close to "Tiffany blue" as we're going to get!
Layers shown: 2

 Champagne For Breakfast: a silvery holographic glitter top coat
Layers shown: 2 over "I Believe In Manicures"

 Five-and-Ten-: a metallic rosy silver
Layers shown: 3

 Apartment For Two: creamy hot pink
Layers shown:2

 Meet My "Decorator": an orange/red creme
Layers Shown: 2

 Fire Escape Rendezvous: A matte ruby with glitter
Layers Shown: 2

 Got The Mean Reds: A perfect, shiny red creme
Layers Shown: 2

 Can't Read Without My Lipstick: deep burgundy creme
Layers Shown: 2

 Sunrise...Bedtime!: A rosy holographic glitter
Layers Shown: 2 (over "Can't Read Without My Lipstick")

 Rich & Brazilian: A deep wine with shimmery flecks
Layers Shown: 2

 Black Dress Not Optional: Shimmery black
Layers Shown: 2
And here's the 2nd half of the collection, the Infinite Shines. These are gel-like polishes that do not require a UV lamp, and have a long wear time and, as the name implies- infinite shine!

I Believe In Manicures: (this is the only one that is offered in both 
regular polish and Infinite Shine for this collection)
Layers Shown: 2

Girls Love Pearls: A true shimmery pearl shade
Layers Shown: 2

 Can't Tame A Wild Thing: Warm orange leaning red creme
Layers Shown: 2

 Ring The Buzzer Again: Pinky/red creme
Layers Shown: 2

 Party At Holly's: deep mahogany creme
Layers Shown: 2

I'll Have A Manhattan: Deep dark purple creme
Layers Shown: 2

I did some nail art using colors from the collection and posted it on my Instagram...if you like seeing nail art, come follow me there too! (<<<click there for link)

Final Thoughts: Here's where I confess that, although it's been on my "list", I've never watched "Breakfast At Tiffany's" 😦😦😦 These beauties are inspiring me though and I'd love to 'get' the references from the names. For more info, check out www.opi.com. These are available now wherever OPI is sold! Which are your favs?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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