Review: VII Code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask

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Hi friends! I recently had the chance to try this VII Code O2 Oxygen Eye Mask for dark circles:

According to the box, this Oxygen Eye Mask provides essential vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, botanicals, peptides and essential fatty acids to combat darkness under the eyes. The cool thing about this particular mask is that you wear it overnight for 8 hrs. They recommend doing a mask 2-3 times per week for best results. Each box contains 6 masks, and they recommend 3 boxes as a course of treatment. Each mask comes wrapped individually like so:

The gel pads have a very soft, gel texture that I thought would be extremely sticky, but were surprisingly comfortable and not sticky at all. They give a slight cooling sensation when applied, similar to a cucumber. They stay on easily and I had no problem keeping them on throughout the night, and they remove easily after use leaving no residue or tackiness behind.  I've now used them 3 times, and find my under eye area to be very refreshed after each use. 

These masks get a big "thumbs up" from me. I'd probably use 2 per week going forward to get a little more use per box. They are a great addition to my skin care routine! 

These VII Oxygen Eye Masks can be purchased here

Have you tried any eye masks? Which are your favorite?  

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