NEW! Zoya "Sophisticates" Collection For Fall 2017! (Nail Polish Pictures, Swatches, & Review)

Press Sample

Fall is my faaaaaaaavorite time of the year for nail polish collections, and Zoya's release of their  "Sophisticates" collection does not disappoint!  It has everything from almondy nudes to warm mauves and deep dark grays...check them out!

Each photo is shown with 2 layers of polish except for Gal-- she required 3, as she is a little bit more on the sheer side. These can all be purchased on Zoya's website: www.zoya.com. (Check back with me this week for pictures of their new Fall lipsticks!!).  

Follow me on instagram (Obsessivemb) for some nail art looks using these beautiful polishes too!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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