NEW! Zoya "Thrive" Collection for Spring 2018 (Nail Polish Pictures & Review)

Press Sample

Hi friends! Back at it here with some photos of Zoya's newest collection, "Thrive", a perfect mix of colors to transition into Spring with.  Check out the swatches & details below:

 Darby is a "dusty gull gray metallic"
(2 layers of polish shown)

 Trudith is described as a "muted wisteria cream"
(2 layers shown)

 Brandi is described as a "blush pink cream" (on Zoya's website), but I'd definitely say it leans more rusty pink
(2 layers shown)

Monroe is described as "glamour pink cream". This one leans a little bit more on the red side for me though.
(2 layers shown)

Haruko is described "as a soft, violet metallic".
(2 layers shown)

Leisel is described as " sheer, sparkling topper". NOTE: I should have read this description before trying to wear it on it's own here (3 layers shown) 😂😂😂

This collection is available on Zoya's website here! 

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